“Good leaders insure our losses and give us our gains. When you work for a true servant leader, you’re playing with house money, and that’s a pretty sweet place to be.” - Rich Armstrong


Team Management

To lead is to serve.

Being a leader is very different than being a boss. This has been settled for quite a while and there are numerous articles and studies to attest to that.

As a great sports fan, I take notes from some of the greatest leaders in sports to shape my way of leading a team. From the 'Miracle Man' Herb Brooks, "I'm not looking for the best ones, I'm looking for the right ones" to the wisdom of Phil Jackson's
"The most we can do is to create the best possible conditions for then let go of the outcome. The ride is a lot more fun that way.

Leading teams is my true passion when it comes to Design. Recruiting, training, developing and mentoring people is what makes me feel alive.

The video featured here is my take as a manager of creative teams at the Brandish agency on how to implement Design Thinking and give the designers the freedom and authority to choose the best way to solve problems. It's a small sample of the way I work and the methodologies I trust and encourage.